Online Signature Control Library

SuperSignature the best affordable online signature control library available in Asp.Net, PHP, JAVA and ColdFusion to facilitate capturing signatures online. You can capture user signatures from web browsers using finger touch or mouse pointer. It is HTML5 based and uses jQuery. The signature captured are smooth and realistic. It works without need for installing anything on client or server.

SuperSignature works from both desktop browsers and from mobile browsers also. It can be used in hybrid mobile apps also like Phonegap Cordova. To get more information please see the product links on right. See SuperSignature Features.

SuperSignature has global clients since its operations starting from year 2010. The clients include NASA, Samsung, Qualcomm and many more. Please see SuperSignature Reviews, what clients’ speak about our html5 signature capture control.

SuperSignature is very easy to use and comes with required samples and full documentation. The examples are easy to follow and gets you started quickly. You can easily integrate its code in your website to start capturing signatures online from mobile browsers also. It requires jQuery reference, which is automatically added in version.