SuperSignature is a HTML5 signature control library to capture signatures from your website or mobile browser using finger touch or mouse. It works on touch screen laptops also. Major mobile device browsers are supported. Lenovo Twist, HP Tablet, Nokia Lumia 920, Samsung Smart PC ATIV 500, Windows 8.1 Surface Pro 3, Kindle Fire HD, Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 & S3, Mini, Samsung Slate, iPhone, iPad 4, iPad Air & iPad Mini, Asus TF300 Tablet are names of few of hardware that work for our HTML5 signature control library. It works with Internet explorer, chrome, firefox, safari, opera and all modern web browsers. It is easy to use and the plugin does not require any setup. Just declare it in HTML and include the jQuery based script and you can start capturing signatures online from your, java, cf or php website. For more details about HTML5 Signature Control Library, please visit SuperSignature website.

HTML5 Signature Control Library
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